fluid functional habitats

for animals who deserve all the best

[Starphire (available custom), Standard glass used in generic aquariums]

Aquavim glass is...

Thicker and clearer than the standard glass used in common tanks, while harder and more scratch-resistant than low-iron glass,

Master Carpenters

Handcraft and contour your aquarium support and showcase with real wood, never MDF, to combine earth and water to bring a stylish splash of nature into your life.

Waterproof Wood Stain Selection

Gilded Oak, Walnut, Piano White, Abyss Black, Premium Cherry, Rose Cherry, and Unstained as standard available colors.

We are able to accommodate a wide range of design and materials to personalize a custom order.


32″ cabinet/stand, 10″ top-open canopy w. feeder port


36″ cabinet/stand + 15″ front-open canopy w. hooks and cooling vents


Made For the corner of home or office.

3 Quarter Cylinder

Simply Stunning.

Full Cylinder

Centerpiece of the Home.

Room Divider

Not your average separator.

Half Cylinder

An invaluable expansion for any space.

Pillar Hider

Make Ugly Disappear.

Seamless Wave

Smoothly Crafted to Perfection.


Beautiful for any space.


Sumps, Pumps, Lights, ATO, Reactors, etc.